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Add SCD to the list created

Description – Single Contact Drip can be assigned to a list as well as to single or multiple contacts at the same time. 

Use case- Reducing the time used in the process of assigning SCD to contacts. Assign SCD to a list of contacts meeting certain criteria based on which the list was created. 


  • Navigate to the Engagement module. Scroll down and click on Single Contact Drip to view or create SCD.

  • Navigate to the Engagement module. Scroll down and Click on Lists.

  • Click on the List Library.

  • Click on the list of contacts. Select the three dots for a list under Action Column.

  • Click on Assign Single drip.

Note- The Assign Single Drip Feature is unavailable for any other type of List. 

  • Select from the drop-down or search for SCD and click on Assign. A success message will appear.


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