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AMS360 Integration

In this article, you will learn: How you add a new prospect into IM System Actions in Pipeline Cards of Insuredmine integrated with Activity in

Download List in Campaign

This feature makes refining and targeting prospects over time very easy. You can quickly select to target prospects who have had certain kinds of interaction,

Account Data in Create List Section

While creating a list from the engagement section, you can now access the account data too.    To view the enhancement: Navigate to Engagement Click

List- Engagement

In this article, you will learn: Select List Source How to Create a list? Lead Source Filter in List AMS User Type filter in list

Add SCD to the list created

Description – Single Contact Drip can be assigned to a list as well as to single or multiple contacts at the same time.  Use case-


In this article, you will learn: Tasklist module in left navigation Assign and Track task Map External Contact in Task Tasklist Enhancements- Multiple assignees, Attach

List Library

In this article, you will learn: Select All agents added in Lists Share Once a list has been created you can now open the list (Engagement -> List

Generic filters

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