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Agent’s profile and contact on Mobile App

What profile info is available and how that will help customers to connect via omnichannel?

The Agent Profile provides the customer with more information about the agent and also ways to quickly connect to their agent.

1. Email:

Quickly send an email to the agent by simply selecting the Email icon. 

If more information is needed about the insurance agency, their website is accessible by selecting the Website icon.

3. Location/Address:

Find the insurance agent’s physical address and location by selecting on the Location icon.

4. Phone number:

Find the phone number for the agent or even call them directly through the Phone Number icon. 

In addition to providing ways to quickly and directly connecting to the agent, the Agent Profile screen will provide an About Me section covering the agent’s background, history, and credentials. Additional coverage the agent can potentially provide for you is also listed on this screen.  

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