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Manual AMS Sync Button in InsuredMine's AMS Integration

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The manual sync button in InsuredMine is crucial for seamless synchronization between InsuredMine and your agency management system (AMS). Clicking it triggers synchronization, exchanging new information, and keeping both systems updated.

Locating the Manual Sync Button

Find the AMS sync icon in the top right corner of your InsuredMine portal. This logo represents the manual sync button, providing access to initiate the synchronization process.

Benefits of the Manual Sync Button

  • Accurate Data Synchronization: The manual sync button ensures the accurate transfer of data between InsuredMine and your AMS, reducing discrepancies and maintaining data integrity.
  • Timely Record Reconciliation: Performing a manual sync at the end of each day allows prompt record reconciliation, keeping policy information up to date and streamlining the reconciliation process.
  • Real-Time Updates: Manual sync allows immediate data synchronization for critical information or prompt responses to changes.
  • Immediate Error Identification: Manual sync helps quickly identify syncing errors for immediate resolution.
  • Selective Syncing: Choose specific data or transactions for immediate synchronization, providing greater control.
  • Ad Hoc Updates: Ideal for updating or syncing data outside regular daily auto sync schedules.
  • Data Validation and Verification: Enables data review and validation before synchronization.

Implementing Best Practices


To optimize your AMS integration, follow these best practices:

  • Daily Manual Sync: Incorporate a daily routine of clicking the manual sync button during opening and closing procedures for synchronizing all transactions from the day.
  • Streamlined Reconciliation: Regular manual sync usage streamlines reconciliation, minimizing errors, and improving agency management.


Integration with an AMS is required to have access to this feature. All AMSes, except for AMs360 and eVo, offer manual sync capability for real-time synchronization. However, due to the fast speed of AMs360 and eVo auto-sync, which provides updates every 2 minutes, the need for manual sync is unnecessary.


Embrace the manual sync button in InsuredMine’s AMS integration for accurate and seamless data synchronization between systems!

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