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Assigning Agent

What is the purpose of the “Assignee” function?

This function allows you to assign a deal to an agent, or add an agent if multiple agents are working on a deal. This helps to increase the visibility of the deal across the organization

Here’s how you can add or assign an agent to a deal.

From your dealboard, you can select the deal card for which you want to add an agent.

Click on the deal card to open it.

Click on + sign to get a pop up screen with the list of all the agents at your agency to make it easy for you to add.


2. Dealboard → Click on +Add Another Card

You will get a success notification saying: Agent Assigned successfully.

How does notification work when an assignee is added to a deal?

When you assign an agent to a deal, An email alert goes to the assignee to let them know.

The Assignee can start working on this deal right away.

Enhancement: January 2021

Assigning Primary Agent

Now you can assign anyone primary agent for all further communication for a particular deal card. Use case: For example, you have one assigned agent already named John Doe, and now you have assigned one more agent named JK Williams, and going forward you want all the communication and automation assigned must go out from the contact ID of JK Willams , then you need to click on the star mark to set JK Williams as primary/assigned agent. To assign primary agent:
  • Click on the deal card that you want to assign
  • For the left panel click on the add button beside the assignee section.
  • A window will open with the name of agents, select the agents of your choice
  • Beside each agent’s name, there will be a star mark. Click the start mark to select him as the primary agent.
  • Once done a successful notification popup will generate in the top right saying, “Agent marked primary successfully.”

Enhancement: August 2021

Select multiple cards and assign agent

Now you can assign agent to multiple deal cards at once.

To view the enhancement: 

  • Navigate to Pipelines

  • Select the deal cards for which you want to assign agent.

  • Click on assign agent

  • Select the agents to whom you want to assign the deal cards.

  • Click on submit.



  • You will get a success message saying: Selected agents assigned to card.


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