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Form Submission

Customized form submission response message and source name availability in the deal card created based on form submission are new add ons!

While a form will be submitted the deal card that will be created will have the source name in it. And you can also customize the response message for the form submission. 


To view the enhancement:

  • Navigate to Forms

  • Click on the Form list

  • Select a form and click on the settings icon

  • Click on Pipeline settings tab
  • Select the form fields for existing referrals, other referral names, other referral emails, and other referral phones numbers.

  • Navigate to the success message tab and type the message that you want to send when a form is being submitted.

  • Click on save


Form Submission Count in Form List

Now you can view the total number of form submissions that you will receive. If you click on the view response count, you will get a detailed list of all those who have submitted the form.


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