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Form Builder

Integrate customized forms on your agency website and connect with your leads efficiently. Build online forms using Drag and Drop from the builder functionality. No need for technical expertise. Utilize the field type appropriately to make the form easy and hassle-free.   

How to add an X-date from the Contact section?

There are 19 pre-built form templates that you can use instantly or can edit as required.

Actions that you can perform in the Form module

Through Form Builder you can :

For each response you receive, you will get an email notification.

There are 3 important functionalities related to forms in Insuredmine.

  1. Link Share from the Custom forms (Public intake form): When the above link is copied to the website and a lead enters their details on the form, the agent receives a notification with the subject ” You have got a lead via Insuredmine”. A click on the lead details tab in the email will direct you to the Deal card on the Shared Pipeline Board with details populated from the form.

Use case: Forms can be sent with email campaigns, shared as signatures, featured after the webinars for feedback, etc.

Name field is mandatory to create Public intake form, as the Pipeline card is generated based on the Name.

2. Importing web intake form on the website: When iframe or a button is added in the agent website through web forms functionality in the Settings module. A deal is added from the public Quotesheet web form to Shared Pipeline when a prospect submits the form.

3. Import intake form from the expanded Pipeline card: You can add the custom form built through form builder, and import it in the expanded Pipeline card. Furthermore, you can preview or share the form with the lead/customer and gain insightful information.

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