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Templates in Form Builder

You can use a ready-made form template to create a form and get you started on form building. The Form Templates are fully customizable, easy to edit, printable, and professionally made so that you won’t go through the problems of creating one from scratch. You can easily add a logo and make necessary edits to build a form suitable for your requirements.

Steps to View Template

  • Navigate to Forms.
  • Click on Choose templates
  • Select the form template you desire for

Note: There are 19 pre-built form templates-

  1. Home Owner Quote
  2. Umbrella Quote
  3. General Liability Quote
  4. Account Review Form
  5. Referral Form Request
  6. Policy Change Request Form
  7. Contact Update
  8. Certificate of Insurance Request
  9. Renewal Questionnaire
  10. Claim Form
  11. Endorsement form
  12. Contact permission Form
  13. Proof of Insurance Request
  14. Home Service Request – short
  15. Auto Service Request – short
  16. Contact Us Form
  17. PL Rater – AutoP
  18. PL Rater – Home
  19. Auto Quote

Enhancement: March 2021

Contact Us Form Template

‘Contact Us’ form plays an important role in collecting contact information from your leads. This form helps in converting your website visitors to your customers by providing them with a place where they can easily fill out their contact details. 

A new pre-built form template has been added in the form builder section. You can also edit the fields as needed. To edit click on the 3-dot icon.

  • You can edit, move, copy and remove any fields in the form

Enhancement: March 2021

PL Rater Form- applicable only if your account is integrated with PL Rater.

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