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Form 101

In this article, you will learn:

Insurance business is all about data. Lots of data is continuously gathered from clients, researched and captured or received from carriers. Some of these data needs easy way to capture and share. Management systems or CRMs does not make it that easy to share a chunk of data. Thats’ where forms come handy. It is a great tool to capture information, update real-time and share easily and not to mention keep it in sync with your CRM or Management Systems.

Use Cases of such forms

  1. Forms on your Website for
    1. Request for Quotes
    2. Intake form in Public Profile
    3. Contact us
    4. Service Request
  2. Quotesheet/Intake Form
    1. Sent to prospects/Clients for quotes
    2. Sent to Underwriters for review
  3. Others
    1. Surveys
    2. More info
    3. Coverage Decline
    4. Call/Text permission forms
    5. Payments
    6. File upload

Do I create each of them or are there templates?

  • InsuredMine provides a list of templates to get you started.
  • You can modify them and adapt or build one from scratch. You can use Form form builder to create forms.

My form is ready, whats next? – Website Form

Links for the steps below

My form is ready, whats next? – Intake Form

  • Receive an email with a link to the form
  • Fills the forms and click submit
  • Form sent to the contact for data gathering
  • Info updated in form (live link)Data updated in the Deal Card/Client Profile
  • Receives notification for an updated intake form
  • Review information and follow-up as needed


  • How to configure a pipeline for the form submission requests
  • How to configure the notification for the incoming form submissions
  • How to configure the notification for a few specific agents


  • Where to find Forms Public links?
  • How to import forms in Deal Card?
  • How to share a form?
  • How to  check the form submission request

Enhancement: January 2021

8 New Readymade Form Templates

InsuredMine is always determined to bring new enhancements and automated features that help you perform your task easily. Recently, we have added 8 new form templates in the form section, which you can use.

The new new templates that are added are:

  • Certificate of Insurance Request
  • Renewal Questionnaire
  • Claim Form
  • Endorsement form
  • Contact permission Form
  • Proof of Insurance Request
  • Home Service Request – short
  • Auto Service Request – short

To check the inclusion:

  • Navigate to Forms
  • Click on choose templates
  • Scroll down to select the desired template
  • Update the fields and click to submit.

Enhancement: January 2021

PL Rater Form- applicable only if your account is integrated with PL Rater.

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