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Goal Settings (Agents)

Goal add/edit restricted and goal widget changes

Goal Management helps individuals as well as leadership to identify, motivate, and evaluate each agent’s sales performance.

The goal-setting option is only for admin so that they can set business goals for their agents.

Agents cannot edit these goals. They can only view it and update their achieved targets.


Admin/Managers can now add, edit, and restrict the goals of their agents.

How to set goals for agents?

  • Navigate to Pipelines
  • Click on the3-dots icon to view settings.
  • Click on goal settings (Agent) from the left panel.
  • Click on add goals.

To set new goals for your agents:

  • Select months (one or multiple selections).
  • Select the agents (one or multiple agents selection).
  • Add the total count of deals.
  • Add the total value of all the deals.
  • Click on Save button.

Enhancement: If goals already exist for the agent in those particular months, then a corresponding notification will be generated.

For example: If an Admin/Manager has set new goals for an agent in December, and if he already has pre-assigned goals in that particular month, then while setting new goals, the Admin/Manager will get the below-mentioned notification:

Goal exists for agents in a given month. New goals will be added without duplicates. 

With this upload feature, you can bulk create/update new or existing user profiles in InsuredMine by uploading a CSV file with a list of user profiles.

  1. Login to your InsuredMine account, and then click on the Contacts tab and click on the Upload data button.

Restricted Goals for Specific Agents

Enhancement: Goals can now be restricted to specific agents.In the Add Goal section, the admin can select agents for whom the goal is set. This enhancement helps to admin to specifically assign targets for the agents.

Goal Settings Table view

The goal-setting dashboard has a goal-setting table, where the admin can view the status of the goals assigned and the actual target achieved by the agent.


As the agent will update the actual number of the deal closed, it will flash in the admin’s goal dashboard.

Deal Value

The actual deal value section will change when the agent will update the expected premium value in the deal card and click on the won button on the screen’s right side.