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Inactivity of Cards in Pipeline Manager

Admins can now have updates on any deal card which is unattended for a set time period. This way, the admin can keep an eye on all the deal cards and agents’ performance too.

Note: Card inactivity date will be visible to agents too. Inactive cards will highlight yellow on the pipeline. 


To view the enhancement: 

  • Navigate to Pipelines

  • Click on 3 dots (action icon) and select settings


  • Scroll down and click on Inactive days from the left panel.

  • Enter the number of days, after which you want to mark the card as inactive.

  • Click on submit


  • You will get a message confirming settings updated successfully.

Note: If no activity is done within the given day, it will be marked as inactive. The date since when the card is inactive will also be visible both to the agent and admin.




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