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Intake Form Data Mapping from Forms Module

 InsuredMine now has a new feature that improves the form automation called the “Intake Data Mapping”. Users can now simply map data of InsuredMine contact & account details within the form fields, simplifying the mapping process for more effective integration. 


  1. Go to the Forms Module.
  2. Choose a form from the list, click on the three dots, and then select “Form Automation.”

3. Within the array of options in Form Automation, we have recently introduced a functionality titled as “Intake Form Data Mapping.”

This feature provides you with multiple options, to map InsuredMine’s contact and account field details with the form fields.

Note: Once Intake Form Data Mapping is enabled, whenever you try to intake any form into a deal card, the selected data fields will map automatically.

How does this feature work?

As we know that a deal card is linked to both an account and a contact, with this new feature, we now have the capability to selectively map specific contact and account details to corresponding form fields.

  • For example, let’s say we’re intaking a form into a deal card. I have populated two designated form fields, one “first name” and the other “mobile number.”


  • From the dropdown, select the data  you want to map to the form  & click ‘Save’.
  • You will then get a success notification saying: Form settings updated!
  • Then, navigate to the pipelines module and select any deal card.
  • Navigate to the bottom of  the deal card to locate the Intake option.
  • Click on “+Add.”
  • A minimized panel will appear from right, select the category labeled “Form builder.”
  • Select ‘Contact Update,’ and then click ‘Import Intake Form.’ This action will update the mapped contact details into the form.
  • To view the form details, simply click on the eye icon in the contact update settings of the deal card.

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