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Automation: Lost Deal

Admin/user can setup/trigger a lost deal automation campaign from the Pipeline Manager module.

Note: Each automation is specific to the pipeline; i.e if you have two separate pipelines one for commercial and one for personal insurance, you will then have to create two separate automation by following the steps below while selecting the respective pipeline first.

To find out how to trigger lost deal automation follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Pipeline for which you want to set up the automation
  2. Click on the 3 dots icon and select Settings in the Pipelines module.

3. In the Lost deal Automation Email panel, enter the following details

  • Trigger: The trigger here refers to starting the email campaign in the number of days after the lost deal date. Input here 45, 60,90 or a180 or any number of days you think are appropriate to contact the client after losing a deal.
  • The subject of the email: Enter an email subject that would spark back a sales conversation.
  • Select Template: Choose the template from the list that appears. You can also create a customized template in the template section and select it here. To know more about creating a template click here.

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