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Name, email, company, and title as fields for eSign


DescriptionName, email, company, and title are now available as new eSign fields in the eSignature module. It will also auto-fill the recipient’s name and email; if we include agent fields, the agent’s information will also be auto-populated.

Usecase- Feature Assist with auto-populating fields and reducing the effort of writing similar information before sending the document.


Navigation –


  • Navigate to the eSignature module. Select Sign Document.


  • Select Document, then click Next


  • Add the signer’s details, and click next.


  • We have added the recipient’s details to the signer’s section. We will see autofill fields on the place fields page that we can add. The signer’s details will auto-populate in the autofill fields when added to the document.

  • Add the company and title fields.


  • Enter the subject and message of the signers. Click on Send.

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