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New Group By Options and Filters in BOB and PDB Reports

The new updates introduces additional Group By options and filters for both AMS and Non-AMS users within the BOB (Book of Business) and PDB (Personal Data Book) sections of the reports module.


  1. Navigate to the reports module.
  2. Click on the Book of Business.

3. Next, choose the ‘Group By’ options to explore the newly included features.

Note: The Group By options in BOB now include recently added selections such as effective month, effective date, insurance type, branch, CSR, and department.

Book of Business Filters:

A new Insurance Type filter has been incorporated into the filtering options in BOB reports.


  1. Click on the Filter icon within BOB reports.

2. Directly select your preferred Insurance Type from the filter section in BOB

Additional Group By options in Personal Data Book (PDB):

To Navigate:

  1. Go to the reports module.
  2. Click on the Personal Data Book (PDB).

3. Then, opt for the ‘Group By’ option to uncover additional choices.

Note: The Group By options in PDB now encompass account type, account status, account state, state, policy premium, branch, and CSR.

Personal Data Book(PDB) Filters:

Filters for Account Type, Account Status, and Account State have been newly integrated into the filtering options within PDB reports.


  1. Click on the Filter icon in PDB reports.

2. Choose to filter Account Status, Account States, and Account Type directly from the filter section in PDB.

Note: The displayed list of policies will be based on the applied filters and selected group by criteria, allowing users to later download, save as a report, or save as a list.

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