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Book of Business Report group by Writing carrier

When agencies first join InsuredMine, they are given the choice between ICO or PPC as their primary carrier type. Consequently, within InsuredMine, we offer a ‘Group by’ feature with two alternatives: ‘premium payable’ and ‘issuing company.’ These choices help view the data pertaining to carriers and their respective policies. It enables the customization of options, allowing users to filter and save data based on specific details.

Use Case: This ‘Group by’ option allows agencies with a specific AMS integration to organize and analyze data about insurance carriers and policies.

Note: After syncing, each AMS has a unique name for the premium payable and issuing company. For instance, you will find this option under ‘Group By’ for Epic and Benefit Point.

To View the Enhancement:

  • Navigate to the Reports section.
  • Click on the Book of Business.
  • Within the Book of Business interface, locate the “Group By” option and select it.
  • Choose either ‘Premium Payable’ or ‘Issuing Company’ from the dropdown menu to view Carrier, policies, premium, contacts, and premium per policy.

Note: The Group by filter known as the ‘Parent Carrier‘ and ‘Writing Carrier‘ filters will be visible for AMS 360, Nexsure, and Nowcerts.

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