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eSign Reporting

Description: For the agent and admin, reports for the eSignature module will be generated. Benefit: The analysis of reports will aid in understanding the dynamics

Scheduled Reports tab under Reports

Description – A separate tab is added under the Reports module to view, run, and delete the scheduled reports. Usecase – A segregated view for agents

Save and Schedule Account Reports

Description – Create and schedule account reports to run and download at any point in time. Use Case – Save and schedule customized reports on

Lead Flow

Lead Flow helps you to get an idea of all the deal cards that are created. This analytics is based on the lead creation date.

Change pipelines in Dealcharts

Multiple deal charts help in faster analytics. Maybe you might want to see deal charts for more than one pipeline. Earlier It took longer to

Management Reports

Agency Principals and Office Managers can now get reporting around the volume of marketing being done by agency staff through the InsuredMine Engagement module. Data

List Reporting

In this article, you will learn: A. Create a report B. Save the report C. Convert Report to List D. Access List in List Library