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Every day we slice and dice our data to scoop out a subset of clients for a broad spectrum of reasons from sales to service. It is just a waste of time if you need to recreate that same subset multiple times in a day or week. Would it not be fantastic to be able to save that segmented report of the client and use it for multiple purposes over an extended period of time. To accomplish the same – any of the tables mentioned below can now be filtered and segmented and then saved with its filters on for – Accounts, PoliciesDirectory, Auto Task, Deal BoardPersonal Data Report, and Projected Book of Business report. Then you can use this custom Report to create a distribution list to send a communication to this specific target audience. Please follow the steps below to create a report, convert that to list and keep refreshing that list for use.

A. Create a report

From any of the left navigation tabs mentioned – including
Accounts, PoliciesDirectory, Auto Task, Deal BoardPersonal Data Report, and Projected Book of Business report. There are two options available at the top right side of the report – i.e. to download or save the report. You may download an excel version of the report or save the report to report section by naming the report.

B. Save the report

Name the Report and save in Saved Reports under Report section

C. Convert Report to List

For communication in the Saved report section – select the report name you just saved. If it is a recent report you can just select the time stamp from the column { last run } and click on the Move. Move button is not activated unless you select the date and time. Key components to pay attention to.

  • Last Run – It is the timestamp when the reports were run. Eg. Count of how many Auto policy expiring this month will have a different count if it is run today vs couple days ago. The last Run will help you access the report version based on the date stamp. You can do 3 things based on the report. Download the report, Move the report or Run – refresh the report with current date and time.
  • Download – you can download the report in Microsoft Excel format on your local computer for any of the time stamp version of the report by selecting the last run report date time stamp.
  • Move – you can move any of the reports to the List Library by selecting the time stamp and clicking on the move option. There will be a pop-up screen to name the list and it will save the list with the specified name to List library. Learn more about List and Library – LINK
  • Run – You can refresh the data of any of the saved report in the Saved report section by clicking on the button – RUN. This will help fetch the latest data for this specific custom report and create a new timestamp of the moment.

D. Access List in List Library created from Report

To access the list just created, follow the steps define:

  1. Click on Engagement from the left navigation
  2. Click on List on Engagement Page
  3. Click on List for List library
  4. Click on List Library

  1. Library of all the list is available on the next screen
  2. Select the list you have just moved from Reports

E. Use the List for EMail/Text Communication

Follow the same steps mentioned above to create an email campaign. The only difference is that all the campaigns you would be able to select lists which were created by you.

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