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Notice Board

The recently introduced “Notice Board” feature now enables you to effortlessly share important notices and information within your organization. This feature is designed to streamline communication and ensure that all agents have easy access to the information they need. Additionally, you can directly notify specific agents by tagging them, ensuring that they receive timely updates on relevant notices.

Use Case: This feature improves communication and information sharing within your organization

To create a notice on the notice Board, you’ll need to fill out the following three fields:

  1. Notice Title: This field allows you to specify the name of the notice that will be displayed prominently.
  2. Priority: You can assign a priority level to each notice to indicate its importance.
  3. Notice Content: This field is where you provide the content or information to be displayed on the Notice Board.

Both agents and admin have the capability to attach files to notices, further enhancing the information-sharing process.


  1. Navigate to the portal.
  2. Click on “Notice Board” to access the Notice Board section.
  3. Select “Add New” to create a new notice.

Note: Please note that only the agents who create a notice have the authority to edit or delete that particular notice. Other agents will be able to view the notice but won’t have editing privileges.

Note: Once you’ve successfully added a notice, a confirmation popup will appear to let you know that your notice has been posted.

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