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InsuredMine platform helps to have segregated the data that can further assist you in analyzing your companies business performance. To help your business grow, you must identify consumer segments that share common characteristics. With this feature, you can segment your clients according to the categories: Renewal, Cross-Sell, Monoline, X-Dates, and Win Back

Renewals: Personalized policy renewal reminders for your customers for better engagement and business growth.

X-Dates: Create prospecting opportunities through a proven lead generation solution at that time and again helps your agency find just-in-time quoting conversations.

Cross Sell: Generate increased sales by suggesting additional policies to your customers who are already committed to making a purchase.

Monoline: Sell more policies to your exisiting clients who have monoline policies.

Win Back: Re-engage with your customers, and get a better opportunity to analyze their behavior, learn an efficient business strategy, and increase sales efficiency moving forward with lost deals.

You can now instantly pull a list of all expiring policies, X-dates, monoline, cross-sell opportunities, and win back for lost deals by following the steps below.

  1. Select the module you want to work on, for example Renewals

2. When you click on renewal, you will get a detailed list of all policies that are due to renew in the next 30 days.

3. You can filter this report by selecting different renewal periods, insurance types, policy category, policy carrier, and agents. 

4. You can save this report for later use or can download it in Excel Workbook format or can even save as list.

Note: You can assign a single drip from here or add a deal by clicking on the three dots under the action, in case you want to work with just selective opportunities.

Add deals, or Assign Drip By Selecting Multiple Opportunities

Mark the Policies for which you wish to add deals or assign drips by clicking the check box under “#.” Then click on the Assign drip or Add deal icons as shown below, fill in the details and click save for the respective screens that pop up.

Enhancement – June 2020

Select All in the Opportunities Module

You can select 1 Opportunity, all 50 Opportunity on the current page, or all
Opportunity in your Opportunity module.

  • One Opportunity– To select one Opportunity, click on the checkbox at the extreme left of the Opportunity you want to select.
  • All 50 current page Opportunity – To select all the 50 Opportunity of the current page, click on the checkbox at the header (left to the header: Name)
  • All Opportunity in the Opportunity module – Once you have selected the header checkbox, you will find a line above the header prompting you to choose all Opportunity. By clicking on that, you will have selected all Opportunities on all pages of the Opportunity module.

When an entity is unchecked after pressing Select all icon, the option for Clear selection appears.

Add Notes in opportunities

Notes are handy bits of information you want to record concerned to the contact. It may help prepare for a conversation or address other agents to work on specific aspects of the sale.

The new feature from InsuredMine on notes helps to mention relevant information regarding agents, policies, contacts, and accounts. Symbols can be used to hyperlink an agent name, policy number, contact name, and account number. 

List of symbols to hyperlink with functional entities are listed below:

@  – Tagged agent mentioned in comments receives a notification.

# – Policy number is mapped to the policy module. 

* – Contact details are linked with Contacts module

% – Account is mapped to Account 360.

The system allows you to add notes in all the opportunities segments i.e., renewals, x dates, cross-sell, and win-backs. 

To add notes follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. On the Opportunities Module, Select the segment you want to work with. Let’s assume you want to work on Renewals. Click select in the Renewals widget.
  2. For the desired contact, under the Action column, click on the three dots.
  3. Click Add Notes.

Now, add the comment using the above mentioned symbols with easy to work reference links.

The notes can be viewed by hovering over the eye icon in each row of the tasklist. 

Delete entities in Opportunities

You can delete the records by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Navigate to opportunities and select the segment you want to work on. 
  2. Click on the 3 dots Action button and select Archive.