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Total Revenue as Filter in Pipeline

The Total Revenue Filter in Pipeline helps users focus on deals that meet specific revenue criteria. Users can access it in the pipelines module by clicking “Filter” in the top right corner. They choose a revenue amount they’re interested in and then apply the filter. InsuredMine then shows how many deal cards match that revenue amount, making it easier to manage and analyze pipelines.

Use Case: The Revenue filter provides clear visibility into how many deal cards match the selected revenue amount. This transparency helps users gauge the distribution of deals across different revenue categories and adjust their strategies accordingly.

To View the Enhancement:

  • Navigate to the pipelines module.
  • Then, click on the Filter option present in the top right corner.
  • Now, select the revenue amount you want to filter.
  • Then select Apply.
  • Based on the selected revenue filter, the total number of deal cards with the same revenue will be displayed.

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