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Policy‌ ‌Mapping‌ ‌from‌ ‌InsuredMine‌ ‌to‌ ‌Benefit‌ ‌Point‌

If you are an AMS360 user and using Benefit Point as well, then you can connect with InsuredMine for enhancing your insurance sales and client engagement. 

Policy Synchronization between InsuredMine and Benefit Point will have 2-way sync. So, whatever policy data you will upload in Benefit Point will be reflected in InsuredMine and vice-versa.


Note: Data sync from BP to IM will happen only once a day

and from IM to BP will happen in real-time


The plan section in Benefit Point portal will basically have the policy information.


Once you add the policy in the InsuredMine portal, the same will be reflected in Benefit Point too.


To add a policy in InsuredMine:

  • Navigate to the account 360 of the selected account

  • Select the account for which you want to add the policy

  • Click on policies

  • Click on add policy



Note: Whenever you add a policy while filling in the category and the carrier, remember to select the category and the carrier that already exists in Benefit Point. This will help in proper synchronization, as if you don’t select the existing category and carrier, in that case syncing will not happen. 



  • Once saved you will get a message saying: Policy added successfully.



  • Once the policy is created click to view the policy



  • Click on Benefit Point to sync the policy data



  • To sync policy with Benefit Point, fill in the following details- policy name, non-revenue or non-payable, premium paid frequency. 

  • Click on next to sync.



  • Once done you will get a notification saying the policy synced successfully.



  • Navigate back to Benefit Point and refresh the plan section, the recently synced policy from InsuredMine portal will get updated.


The data points that are getting synced between Benefit Point & InsuredMine in Policies:



Note: All data sync related to policy from InsuredMine to BenefitPoint will be done in real-time 


But data sync from BenefitPoint to InsuredMine will happen only once a day. which means if you create a policy in Benefit Point today that will be added to InsuredMine tomorrow and not immediately.


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