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Primary Contacts, Relationships & Policy Handling

Primary and Secondary Contacts in an Account

If you are adding a new contact, they will automatically be labeled as the primary contact.
In the Account 360 view, you will find the contact that you have added and its primary contact label. Any additional contacts will be labeled as secondary.

You can also add, edit or delete the information in the relation field.

If you want to remove a secondary contact, all information including the policies, deal cards, files, and history will be deleted. You will get a warning pop-up asking you to confirm you want to delete.

If you want to delete a primary contact – IM will ask you to select another primary contact from that account.

Syncing process of primary and secondary contacts from InsuredMine portal (for AMS360 users)

Syncing contacts from Insuredmine Account section

If you have multiple contacts in an account in that case you need to sync the primary contact first, and then the secondary contact. To sync you need to click on the sync button provided.

If you try to sync the secondary contacts without syncing the primary contact it will show an error message saying “Primary Contact not synced”.

To sync a contact once you click on the sync button you will get two options:

  • Add contact to AMS
  • Sync Contact

Account and Policy relation

If an Account has an active policy all contacts under the account will be active.

Note: If you cancel or archive an active policy then the account along with all the contacts will appear inactive.

And if the status of the account is marked as prospect/inactive then all the contacts associated with that account will be marked as prospect/inactive.

To activate the policy, navigate to the policy dashboard by clicking the policy number.Then click activate the policy tab.

You will get a message saying the policy has been activated successfully.

If you delete the primary contact of an account that has an active policy, you will be asked to select any of the contacts as a primary contact. Once you do that the active policy of that account will be mapped to the new primary contact.

Note: If you delete all the contacts of an account, the account and policy will be removed too.

Note: These enhancements have been implemented in Accounts, Contact, Account 360 and Contact 360.

Note: For all AMS that are integrated with InsuredMine:

Whatever additional contacts that will be added in the respective AMS (AMS360, QQCatalyst, NowCerts or Hawksoft), the status of those contacts will be the same as that of the account status. And the status of the account is to be updated in the AMS portal and the same will get reflected in the InsuredMine portal too.

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