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Renewal Pipeline Automation

The Renewal pipeline generates by default, in your pipelines. This works best to automatically create deal cards for renewal before the policy is about to expire.

There are four stages set in the retention pipeline with default options including  Open, Pending, In Process and Done. As an admin, you can customize the name and number of stages to make them more relatable to your sales track.

With this upload feature, you can bulk create/update new or existing user profiles in InsuredMine by uploading a CSV file with a list of user profiles.

  1. Login to your InsuredMine account, and then click on the Contacts tab and click on the Upload data button.

How does it work?

Deal cards are automatically added in the Open stage for policies that will be expiring after 60 days from the current date. Every relevant policy has a deal card with a title that includes the contact name and policy category. Each deal card shows the premium value towards the bottom left. The due date can be seen at the bottom right that is populated through the expiration date. There are icons to directly call, text, and send email to contact.

The expanded deal card also shows policy details inherently including Deal category, Account Name, Expected Premium and created at (date). It also reveals important policy information under the Policy data category. The due date is also found populated on the right as shown in the image below:

Additionally, you will receive a notification email with information on the number of policies about to be expired along with the total value of policies (sum of premiums).