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Template Builder

The Template Builder feature of InsuredMine will help you create professional and responsive email templates fast without learning any HTML (computer programming) skills just by following the simple steps mentioned below.

Build a Template

1. Go to the Engagement section from the left navigation bar and then click on the Template Builder tab.

2. Add/edit the required content for your template from the Content section.

3. Add an image of your choice from the Change Image option.

4. You can also customize your template with desired blocks of attachments.

5. You can customize your template’s appearance by adjusting the size.

6. After you are done editing your template, click on the Save button.

NOTE: You can also view/edit the code of the HTML template you created by clicking on the Code Editor button.

Also, we have pre-defined template structures for you which makes it easier for you to create templates.

Just click on the Templates button on the top and select the preferred layout.

Select a template from the library.