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Text Message (Inbox)

With enhanced texting capabilities and User experience, InsuredMine has integrated the ability to text clients directly from the InsuredMine platform. All messages are saved and stored securely for easy reference. If a client were to call the texting number, we simply forward the call to the agency’s office line.


Enhancement: January 2021

Text Messaging – Open/Close Chat

Now agents will have the option to open or close a chat. If one wants to see the chats, they will get an option to filter the chat based on three status- All, Open or close.

How to close or open chat?

  • Every chat will have a status icon (open/close)
  • Agents can either open or close the chat by clicking on the lock/unlock icon.
  • Once the action is performed there will be a confirmation message saying “user updated successfully”

You will also get the chat status icon on the top where the chat title.


How to filter the chat based on chat status?

  • Click on filter icon provided
  • Select the chat based on chat status- Close/Open