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Text Messaging in InsuredMine – A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Text Messaging in InsuredMine

Text messaging in InsuredMine revolutionizes communication for insurance professionals.

  • Integrating texting within the InsuredMine platform enables agents to engage clients in real-time, fostering better relationships and smoother workflows.
  • Personalized messages, automated reminders, and mass campaigns streamline communication.
  • Two-Way Texting encourages interaction, while templates save time.
  • Compliance measures and analytics tracking ensure a seamless experience, making text messaging a powerful tool for nurturing client connections in the insurance industry

Setting up text messaging:

Setting up the texting feature in InsuredMine offers flexibility for both RingCentral and non-RingCentral users. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

For Admins:

If you have a RingCentral account, select “I have RingCentral Account” and enter your RingCentral Number to connect it to InsuredMine.
If you don’t have a RingCentral account, choose “I need a number with my area code” to add a phone to your InsuredMine Account.
Admins have two options: agents sharing the same number or agents having different numbers. Choose the appropriate option.
If all agents share the same number:

Enter the area code and country code, then click “Go.”
Choose a number from the available list and click “purchase” (Note: The number will be from Twilio).
Set the caller id for calling. Calls will be made from the same number, but clients/leads will see the verified caller id. Confirm the 6-digit verification code.
If different numbers are purchased for agents:

Admin selects the agent for whom a new number will be purchased.
Follow the same steps for entering the area and country code, selecting the number, and adding caller id. Verifying caller id is not mandatory in this case.

For Agents:

Agents logging in to configure texting/calling can choose to connect to a RingCentral account if available or purchase a new Twilio number, following the same steps as above.

These options are available if the admin chose to purchase a new number for each agent for calling and texting.

If the admin chooses to use the same number for all agents, agents can only set the caller id.
The Caller ID in Twilio is the verified phone number or text that recipients see when the agents make an outgoing call or send a text message. It ensures authenticity and trustworthiness in communications.

When hosting a number for texting, there may be limitations due to factors like region availability, regulations, carrier restrictions, and number type. Users facing challenges can seek support from the respective service provider for alternative options and solutions.

Sending and Receiving Text Messages

Let’s explore how to send and receive texts effectively:

Sending Texts:
InsuredMine’s Texting module provides a user-friendly and efficient way to send messages. Let’s explore the steps to send texts directly from the Texting module:

Navigate to the Texting Module:
Access the Texting module from the main menu or dashboard.

Compose a New Text:
Click on the “Compose New” or “New Message” button to start drafting your text.

Select Recipients:
Choose the recipients from the available contact list or manually enter the recipient’s phone number.

Message Content:
Type your message in the text box. You can personalize it by using tags or templates if desired.

Add Attachments (Optional):
Attach any files or documents you wish to include with your text message.

Preview and Send:
Review the text message and attachments (if any) to ensure accuracy. When you’re ready, click the “Send” button to dispatch the message.

Text Responses:
Keep track of incoming responses easily. When recipients reply to your texts, you’ll find their responses under their contact record and in your Text Message Inbox. Assigned agents also receive email notifications for these responses.

Name Initials in Text Messages:
InsuredMine automatically represents the initials of the first name and last name in text messages. For single names, the first two letters are shown. If a first, middle, and last name are present, the initials of the first and last name will be displayed.

Note: If no last name is present, the first two letters of the first name will be displayed. Additionally, if no name is present in the text module, it will use the two starting numbers (This is only relevant to the text module).

Scheduled Texts:
Simplify personalized communication with the ability to schedule texts for preferred dates and times.

You can send & schedule texts from the Texting module or various sections like Accounts, Contacts, Deal Cards, Policies, Tasklists, and Headers.

Stay connected, automate communication, and personalize text messages effortlessly with the Texting module in InsuredMine’s comprehensive texting capabilities. Experience streamlined communication to enhance client relationships and boost efficiency in your insurance workflow.

Transform Text using AI

InsuredMine’s Texting feature also comes with a fantastic AI-powered function – Transform Text using AI. This powerful tool allows insurance professionals to effortlessly create engaging content for emails, text messages, and campaigns. With AI’s help, you can now draft text that suits different tones and modules, making communication user-friendly and effective.

The AI-powered Transform Text feature is available not only in the Texting module but also in other essential areas:

Account: Access Account 360, click “Send Email,” and use AI to generate text.
Contact: Enhance communication by using AI-generated text within Contact 360.
Engagement: When creating Bulk Text and Single contact drip campaigns, let AI do the text generation.
Pipeline: Email deal cards through the deal board with AI-generated text, and add notes with the Transcribe and AI icons.

AI in Notes:
In addition to texting, InsuredMine’s AI-driven text generation extends its benefits to the Notes section. Add notes and enjoy the benefits of AI-driven text rephrasing, making your notes more impactful and engaging.

Experience the convenience of AI-powered text generation in InsuredMine’s Texting feature and beyond. Improve your messaging and engage with your audience more effectively than ever before.

Text Message Templates

Creating and saving message templates for quick and consistent communication.
Streamlining repetitive tasks with pre-defined templates

Signature Implementation for Texting

Set up your custom signature effortlessly and make it appear automatically in outgoing texts through Pipeline Automation, Send Text Message, and Single Contact Drip.

To get started, simply add and save the signature template you desire, and if you want it to be added automatically, mark it as default. This ensures that every text message you send carries your signature for a more professional touch. The signature can be added only once for text messages, ensuring consistency in your communication.

If you wish to change the default signature behavior, you can manage it from the signature list. By deselecting the “Mark as Default” option, the signature will no longer be added automatically while sending text messages.

Automated Texting Campaigns

Leveraging the power of automation for timely policy renewal reminders and other alerts.
Setting up and scheduling automated text messaging campaigns.

Mass Texting and Campaigns

Utilizing mass texting to reach multiple clients simultaneously.
Customizing messages for different client segments.

Personalization and Merge Tags

Personalizing text messages using dynamic merge tags for a tailored approach.
Implementing merge tags for individual client details within messages

vCard/VCF Tag – Effortless Contact Sharing
With the introduction of the vCard/VCF Tag (Virtual Contact File) in InsuredMine’s texting and email features, sharing contact information has never been easier. Seamlessly send vCards via email or text messages to recipients, making communication more efficient and effective.

This versatile feature is available in various modules, including Email Campaigns, Engagements, Single Contact Drip (SCD), Workflows, Email Automation, and Pipeline Automation. Regardless of the context, you can now effortlessly share essential contact details.

Recipients can conveniently access the shared information by clicking the link to download the vCard file. With a simple click, they can save the vCard contact details on their phone, ensuring a smooth and streamlined experience.

Discover the convenience and simplicity of sharing contact information with the vCard/VCF Tag in InsuredMine.

Tracking and Analytics

Monitoring the delivery status, read receipts, and response rates of sent messages.
Using analytics to measure the effectiveness of text messaging campaigns.

Message History and Archives

Accessing and reviewing past text message conversations with clients.
Maintaining context and resolving queries efficiently.

Duplicate Contact Management

How InsuredMine handles duplicate contact information to ensure data accuracy.
Merging duplicate contacts for a consolidated client profile.

Opt-In and Opt-Out Compliance

Ensuring compliance with regulations like GDPR and TCPA.
Managing opt-ins and opt-outs for text messaging communication.

Mobile-Friendly Texting

Utilizing text messaging features on mobile devices for on-the-go communication.
Enhancing user flexibility and responsiveness.

Multimedia Text Messaging

Exploring support for multimedia attachments, such as images and videos.
Enhancing client communication with visual content.

Best Practices for Effective Text Messaging

Tips and guidelines for creating engaging and professional text messages.
Strategies for maintaining a positive client experience through text messaging.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Addressing common challenges and potential issues with text messaging.
Troubleshooting tips for a smooth text messaging experience.


The key benefits and features of text messaging in InsuredMine have been summarized, showcasing its potential to enhance communication for insurance professionals. It is encouraged for them to embrace this powerful tool to bolster client relationships and improve overall efficiency.

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