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Texting 101

1. Overview

You can text from multiple places mentioned below:

A. Click on the Add icon from the top of the Dashboard screen

B. Click on the text option from the Dashboard Widget – Client Message Board or Client Active Directory

C. From the Account 360 – Contact segment, click on the phone number.

D. From events section in the Account 360

E. From Deal Card

F. From Text messaging Icon on the Dashboard

Step1: Click on the Text Messaging Icon on the Dashboard Module

Step 2: Select existing contact from the left panel to send the message directly by typing in the input box and clicking the send icon. Alternatively, click on + Sign in Search contact as shown and Open the Send SMS window.

Step 3: Enter the required details and click Send.

2. Text Responses

When someone replies to you, the reply will show up under their contact record and also in your Text Message Inbox if you are the assigned agent, you will also be notified via email.

3. Texting Numbers

InsuredMine will try to use your current office number for your text communication. However, due to various other reasons, those numbers are not available and in that case, you will be able to pick a number and area code of your choice. We recommend using just one number per location so clients are not confused and InsuredMine on the backend will assign those messages to the right agents based on client agent association.

4. Texting Templates

Text templates are available in Engagement Module that can be used to use templates for message consistency.

5. WhatsApp Integration

The most popular mode of communication is now available on InsuredMine.
You can send and receive messages on WhatsApp directly using InsuredMine.

6. Text Opt-in/Opt-Out

A. Notes:

Contacts can opt-in and out of text messages at any point.  This includes all individual and drip text messages.

B. Opt-Out

Contacts can opt-out of receiving text messages from you at any point by texting you one of the following keywords:


Opting out will prevent all future text messages sent by you from being delivered. Opt-out will be marked as a grey bell next to a phone number in the Contact list.

C. Opt-In

Contacts can opt-in to receiving text messages from you at any point by texting you one of the following keywords:


Opting back in will allow text messages to send again.

The verbiage used above is a CTIA industry standard used by all carriers nationwide.

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