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eSign Document Management

All information about eSign Document Management

Cancelled in Esign

Now, when sending an eSign document to a recipient and the status is ‘in progress,’ unless the recipient signs it, the agent/admin will be able

eSign – Return Documents Separately

Previously, we lacked the option to select our preferred method for receiving return documents. For instance, if you submitted three files, you would receive them

Field Copying Option in eSignature

Description: Within the eSignature platform, a recent update introduces an improved capability allowing users to copy fields for increased efficiency. Navigation: Access the eSignature module.

Option to view the original document

Description: See the original document that was sent for signature in the eSignature module. Benefit: Look for missing information by comparing the completed form to

Sign Count in eSignature

Description – eSignature documents will show the number of required signature/input fields in each document.  Use Case- Easier for customers to know the number of

Introduced Templates in eSignature

Update – Agents may now save eSignature documents with the fields and content as templates. Use Case – Agents save time and effort since attaching

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