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AMS sync tracker error for all agencies in Reports – QQ,NC, Epic, Nexsure, HS

This sync tracker feature within the reports module is made to seamlessly track and manage the sync of data across various agencies. Whenever a sync gets failed, users can follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

  • Go to the Reports module & navigate to the bottom of the list to find the option “Sync Tracking.”
  • For any activities that will be syncing within insuredimine, in case the sync fails you will get the option to verify why it failed.
  • You can also retry syncing by clicking on the sync option present near.

Note: This feature is specifically tailored for AMS like QQ, NowCerts, Epic, Nexsure and HawkSoft. For instance, with Hawksoft, users only have the syncing option available for activities as account/contact and policies cannot be synced from IM to HS.

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