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Automation on X date

X dates are basically expiration dates on policy that we never sold. X date information is usually shared by our prospects or we add x dates to the deals when we unsuccessfully close a deal. Knowing we will have our next shot same time next year we mark the x day of the policy when it was planned to be activated.These are opportunities for the agents as the prospects  may consider new quotes with higher value/coverage and lower price. Triggering reminder email campaigns or X-date email campaigns to the prospects can be an effective strategy to grow new business.

Automation on X date has been triggered to make work easy! Automated features help the agents to save time, and thus, the efficiency increases.

To set and start automation on X date:

  • Navigate to the engagement section .
  • Click on automation .
  •  Click to create. 

  • Go to x date·
  • Click on get started .

There are two ways to start automation on X date. One is the default mode and another one is customized automation.

Default Mode X Date Automation :

One is the default mode for that start default automation button is provided. Just click on it to start the automation in the default mode.

Please note: The default automation mode is the email mode that will go to the active clients’ list and will go after four days of x-date. Click yes to start it, or to customize the automation, click on the cancel button and go to the customization page.


Customized X Date Automation

To set and start customized automation on X date:

  • Click on get started.

A sheet will open where the other details need to be filled. The details that are to fill in are:

  • Fill in the workflow name.
  • Select the modes to send the workflow- (email, text message, postcard/ letter (, task, reminder) .
  • Select the list of contacts– (all, active list, inactive list, prospect, other, lead) .
  • Set the trigger as before or after .
  • Fill in the days (i.e., the number of days prior or after the X date. The campaign/ automation will start accordingly) .
  • Once all the details are filled, one can save the draft by clicking on the save button or click Begin to get started..

Note: If the campaign is saved as a draft, it will be visible in the draft section.

Enhancement!July 2021

Policy Category in X-Date

You can include Policy Category while creating workflow for X-Date, so the created workflow will trigger for the X-dates that fall under the selected category.

To apply the policy category:

  • Navigate to Engagements and click on create Automation.

  • Select any of these workflows: X-Date

  • Click on Get Started

  • You will find the option to include a policy category.

  • Fill in the required fields and click on begin to start the automation.


To start the automation:

  • Click on the Draft
  • Select the campaign if there are multiple automations in draft stages
  • Click on the ellipsis (3 dots) in the action section.
  • Click on edit.

  • In case of any edits to be made, make the changes, and save them .
  • In case the draft is finalized and no more edits to be done, one can move ahead to begin the campaign.

A slide will open with other details- stages, the mode selected, mail id/ contact form which campaign will run, a template that is selected, subject line, signature.