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Campaign from the agent mapped to contact (exclusively for AMS360 users)

Note: This feature works for only AMS360 based agency users(agents)

Sender type is the new field that we have introduced, and by default, it will select the sender’s email id that was previously in use to send email campaigns.

The user can also assign the email id of any agent, AMS 360 executive, or CSR to trigger the email campaign on their behalf.

And in case the email id of the selected assignee is not verified, then by default, the campaign will run from the agency email id.

To check the enhancement:

  • Navigate to Engagements
  • Click on create button to start creating an email campaign
  • Enter the mandatory fields- Campaign name, when to send, sender type, subject, and sequence
  • In Sender type- select Default/ Agent/ Executive/ CSR

Note: The Sender Type field is an application for all the stages that you set for an email campaign.

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