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Workflow and SMS sync up in AMS360

For initiating the workflow and SMS sync up between AMS360 and InsuredMine,you need to log in to both the portal of AMS360 and InsuredMine.

Note: You can see the AMS and IM sync up only if the contact is available in both IM and AMS portal.

Log in to Ams360 portal ( with your AMS credentials.

For InsuredMine login- There is a separate sync-up credential in IM. You need to log in through that.

This separate login in InsuredMine, has all the contacts that are also available in AMS.

If it is not available, then you have to sync-up before performing the task.

As there is two-way integration between AMS and InsuredMine, so the contacts can be synced up from two portals.

Note: All the contacts that are available in the IM contact section will be available in the AMS portal and vice versa. You can add customer/ contact from the IM portal and also from the AMS portal. 

Enhancements!- January 2021

Changes in Add Deal section for AMS 360

Sync up of account and contacts between InsuredMine and AMS 360

The sole motto of the 2-way integration between InsuredMine and AMS360 is to provide a better user experience to the users without double entry.

Now sync up of account and contacts will take place between AMS360 and InsuredMine, while adding deals in InsuredMine portal.

If the user tries to add a commercial deal in InsuredMine, with a new account and an existing IM contact, while there is no contact in AMS360, then this process will also create a new account and a new contact with existing IM contact details in AMS360.

If the user tries to add a commercial deal in InsuredMine on new contact under an existing account in IM and AMS360, then this process will create a new contact within IM but not in AMS360 Catalyst as creating additional contact api is not available in AMS360.

Enhancements!- February 2021

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