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Category and Carrier in the Restriction Settings. 

Description – Disable Category and Carrier in the agent view

Use case – Admins can now restrict specific or all agents from adding Category and Carrier while adding policy.


  • Navigate to Settings and click on Restrictions.

  •      Scroll to the right to see the Category and Carrier restriction.

  • Click on the toggle button to disable category action for the agent.

  • You will now notice that the Add Category option is no longer visible.
  • Click on the toggle button to disable the Carrier action for the agent.

  • When Carrier and Category tabs are turned off, the agents will not be able to add any new carrier or category. The agent can only select carriers and categories from the list.


Note: If we disable the category and carrier for all or selected agents, the add carriers and add categories options will not be visible in the respective module.

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