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Carrier Management

All information about Carrier Management

Carrier and Category goal

We have implemented separate columns for total policies and total premiums as goals in both carriers and categories. Users can now set targets for these

Merge Carriers with Insuredmine

As the carrier tab helps you get an overall picture of the status of your business, merging carriers within the carrier module helps you combine

Adding A Carrier

Navigate to Carriers from the left panel.  It will take you the screen with all the Carrier information.  Click on “Add Carrier” to get a

Annual Goals For Carriers

Description – Annual goals for carriers to periodically track the progress and updates. Use Case – Admins can set, review, and track the goal for

Automation: Policy Renewal

In this article, you will learn: Workflow Details Designing the workflow Editing a saved or live workflow: Carrier Name tag Policy Carrier filter for Policy

Carrier 101

In this article, you will learn: Carrier List Adding Contact to Carrier Adding a new Carrier Merging Duplicate Carriers Process to merge the duplicate carriers:

Carrier by Business Share: Dashboard

Carriers by Business Share widget is now available under Agency widget: This bubble chart helps you identify which carriers are your best partners. See if

Goal Setting for Carriers

In Pipeline settings now you can find goal setting by carrier. Goal setting by carrier will help you set carrier wise goals for your agents.

Generic filters

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