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Contacts by Policy Count Widget on the Dashboard

This widget will show the number of contacts based on the number of policies they have purchased from the agent. Here contacts are categorized based on the number of policies they have availed.


To view this new widget:

Navigate to Dashboard and select Agency Dashboard from the top and scroll down to find contacts by policy count.



The policies are divided into 6 categories, ranging from 1 to 5, and customers having more than 5 policies will fall under the 5+ category. Clicking on the graph of each policy category will show the total contact who has availed the policies and what is the total premium for that.



More Actions in Contacts by Policy Count Widget

In the Contacts by Policy Count widget if you click on the contact bar graph, you will find the total number of contacts having ‘n’ number of policies along with the total premium value. If you click on the total contact, it will navigate you to the personal data book section under reports. Here you will find the contact details filtered by the total policy count value.




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