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Form Notification for Representatives and Executives

This feature will help the Representatives and Executives to receive notification of the information shared by the customers via Forms that the agent had shared with them.


Note: This feature will be accessible when create deal card option will be disabled. This means the selected agent will get a notification when no deal card will be created for this form.

Note: The form notification feature is available for AMS360 users.


To view the enhancement:

  • Navigate to Forms

  • Click on Form List

  • Select the form and click on Form Settings

  • Click on Pipeline Settings

  • Do not enable create deal card option, as this feature is available for the forms for which no deal card will be created. 

  • Select agents to get email notification on form submission.

Note: You can select multiple agents.

  • Select representative or executive or both to send email notification on form submission.

  • Click to save.

  • Click to copy the form tag and send it to the clients from whom you need to get the data.

Note: In case if no agent is selected in that case the notification will go to the logged-in agent account.


Once the customer will fill the form and submit the details, representatives or executives will be receiving the notification via email.


In case if the contact is not synced and if it is not associated with any representative or executive then the notification will log to the house account.

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