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Send notification to contact after form submission.

Description – The feature will send an email notification to the contact and the response when a form is submitted.

Use Case – The contact can refer to the form submission if required anytime later.


  • Navigate to the Forms Module. Click on Forms List.

Note – You can add forms by changing the already built templates. Created forms will be visible under the Form List section. 

  • Click on the three dots for the form you want to respond to the contact. Click on Form Automation.

  • Click on the Drop Down present along with After Form Submission. Select Send Response to Contact.

  • Toggle the button to Enable response to contact. Then, click on the Save button.

  • Navigate to the Contacts Module. Click on a contact, and add a deal.

  • Scroll down to view the Intake form and click on Add.

  • Select the form from the drop-down. Then, click on Import Intake Form.

  • The form is imported successfully. You can preview, edit and share the form.

  • The preview of the form looks like this. 

Note- The available information will be auto-populated in the form preview.

  • Click on the Send Button to send the form to contact. You can send the form by email or text.

Note – If the form is sent by email. The contact email is auto-populated. If the form is sent by text, Contact’s Phone number is auto-populated to complete the task.

  • An email with the response will be sent to the email present in the selected contact.

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