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Logs and Attachment sync from InsuredMine to Hawksoft

Logs sync 


All the activities that you perform in InsuredMine will get synced in HawkSoft. 

Please Note: This is a one-way sync only from InsuredMine to HawkSoft



The following activities will be synched:

  • Notes

  • Tasks

  • Activities

  • Communication


              -Text (Twilio, RingCentral)

              -Calls  (Twilio, RingCentral)

  • Call Logs (Call recordings are not synced, syncing is done for the call logs)


Note: No updates of the logs or attachments are done once synced. For example: 

If an agent creates a note in InsuredMine and it gets synced to HawkSoft and the agent updates the Same Notes in InsuredMine that won’t be updated in HawkSoft. This will happen because we can only create a new log in HS but we cannot update the existing one.


All logs in Hawksoft



InsuredMine Task:


InsuredMine Task synced in Hawksoft



Call Log in InsuredMine



Call Log from InsuredMine synced in HawkSoft



InsuredMine Text (Communication)



Text Message synced from InsuredMine to HawkSoft



Email Communication in InsuredMine



Email synced from InsuredMine to HawkSoft



Notes in InsuredMine



Synced Note from InsuredMine to HawkSoft



Activity in InsuredMine



Activity synced from InsuredMine to HawkSoft



When you create any note or task, place a call, send an email or text message, all the activities will get synced into the Hawksoft Logs. And if you navigate to the client’s data, you will be able to see all synced activities from InsuredMine under Hawksoft logs. 



When you add a new file in InsuredMine, that file will get synced automatically in the Hawksoft attachment section.


Files in InsuredMine



Attachment in Hawksoft




  • The sync of logs and attachments from InsuredMine to Hawksoft will happen with a delay of 10-15 minutes. 

  • If Logs are more than 3000 characters long, they cannot be synced.

  • Files can be synced to HawkSoft if they are up to 5MB in size and are of PDF, PNG, or JPEG. Any other formats will not be synced.

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