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HawkSoft Integration

Great news, for the insurance agencies, who are leveraging HawkSoft as their Agency Management System. Till now, you all were experiencing the benefits of using an Agency Management System, but from now onwards, with InsuredMine you will be well-armed with a well-integrated and multi-functional CRM software too. So, now connecting to your clients and keeping track of your sales will be much easier!

Hawksoft to InsuredMine (Data Flow)

It’s one-way integration, so data related to Contacts, Policy, and Coverage available in HawkSoft will sync with InsuredMine. InsuredMine automatically maps the data and stores it for ready usage.

So, no double work! You can just log in to the InsuredMine portal and start accessing the CRM portal.  

Data from HawkSoft is utilized throughout InsuredMine’s CRM and sales workflows to help agencies accelerate new business sales and dig deeper into their current book of business for cross-sales and rounding opportunities.

The Initial process for allowing InsuredMine to map data from HawkSoft:

The insurance agency needs to register InsuredMine in the marketplace section in HawkSoft, to allow the integration process to begin. Once registered click on share data to enable sharing data with InsuredMine. You can also stop the integration, whenever you want by clicking on Stop sharing data.

Agents need to provide the agent initials (ID) and subscribe to InsuredMine in the marketplace in order to share the data with InsuredMine.

Note: The data will be synced from HawkSoft to InsuredMine in 6 hours

Let’s look into the data points that are integrated with InsuredMine from HawkSoft:

1. Contacts Sync in InsuredMine:

Both types of contacts are syncing with Insuredmine- Personal and Commercial.

(A) For Personal Contacts the data points that will be synced from HawkSoft to InsuredMine are:

    1. Full Name & Account name in case of Personal
    2. Nick Name
    3. Cell Phone
    4.  Email
    5. Contact Type (Personal/ Commercial)
    6. Contact Status (Active/ Inactive/ Prospect/ Lead/ Others)
    7. Address
    8. Relation
    9. Date of Birth
    10. Occupation
    11. Gender
    12. Producer and CSR
    13. Occupation
    14. Income
    15. Driving License
    16. License State

(B) For Commercial Accounts – the data points that will be synced from HawSoft to InsuredMine are:

  1. Account/ Business name
  2. Contact Name (Primary)
  3. Other Details are the same as the above

2. Policy Sync in InsuredMine:

The policy that you add in HawkSoft will get automatically updated in the InsuredMine portal. The data points that are synced while adding a policy are:
  1. Email
  2. Cell Phone
  3. Category/ LOB
  4. Agent
  5. Insurance Type
  6. Carrier/ Company
  7. Policy Number
  8. Policy Term
  9. Annualized premium
  10. Written premium
  11. Policy effective date
  12. Policy end date

4. Vehicle Sync in InsuredMine

The vehicle details that you add in HawkSoft gets updated in the InsuredMine portal.

  1. Make
  2. Model 
  3. VIN
  4. Vehicle year
  5. License Plate number
  6. Odometer miles

5. Drivers Sync in InsuredMine

The driver details that you add in HawkSoft gets updated in the InsuredMine portal.

  1. Driver Name
  2. License Number 
  3. License State
  4. Gender
  5. Date of Birth

6. House Address Sync in InsuredMine

The house address details that you add in HawkSoft gets updated in the InsuredMine portal.

  1. House Address
  2. Address 1
  3. City
  4. State
  5. County
  6. Zip

3. Policy Coverage Sync in InsuredMine

The data points that get synced in the InsuredMine portal from Hawksoft are:

The policy coverage that you add in HawkSoft gets updated in the InsuredMine portal.

  1. Coverage name
  2. Amount
  3. Limits

Manual Data Sync

Agents can manually update the data into Insuredmine from HawkSoft by clicking on the “Daily AMS Sync” Button.

Once the data is synced then the “Data Updated” value will be changed to the current date

Enhancements!- June 2021

Download Accord XML file for HawkSoft agencies

In the form module under form automation, a new section named Create CMSMTF File has been added. If enabled, this will allow the form to be downloaded once it has been submitted.



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