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Mapping of Relation datapoint from AMS

In InsuredMine if you navigate to the contact section under the account360, and select the relation column from the table column the relation that has been mapped from AMS will be reflected in this column.
The relation section will be available in contacts, and accounts.

Relation column view in Contacts

Relation column view in Accounts: For Contacts and Dependents

Note: Dependents are available in AMS 360 only

Relation column view in Contact 360:

While adding a contact whatever you will select in the Type section, will be displayed as Relationship in InsuredMine contact.

For QQ Catalyst:

In QQ Catalyst only the contact present in the Additional Contacts section will have the Relationship section, where they can add “RELATIONSHIP TO PRIMARY” which will be reflected in the Insuredmine.

For Hawksoft:

In Hawksoft portal, Under Client -> Personal, you can see all the Contacts present in the account. Where there is a column “Relationship” which is synced into Insuredmine

For AMS360:

Contact responsibility from AMS360 will be mapped as a Relationship in InsuredMine. In AMS360 more than one responsibility can be assigned for one contact, but in InsuredMine contact can have only one Relationship. Considering this as an edge case, multiple responsibilities for a single contact from AMS360 will be merged into a single (,) separated String. And added as a Relationship at InsuredMine. Below is an image of the contact page in AMS360 where the responsibility of the contact can be added.

Note:  This responsibility field will be available only for the customer contact-based users created in Insuredmine. In simple words Only ams360 contact page synced data will have this data point in Insuredmine. If any contact is created from the CSP(Customer setup page) will not have this data point in Insuredmine

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