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Disposition in Contacts

What is the disposition? How does it work?

If you want to place some action based on the state of the insured or contact, you can set it in the disposition segment of the contacts module. Suppose you want to place a call to contact after a while, you can select the disposition of the contact as Call required. This helps to record recurring actions that need to be implemented for each contact as a sales process requirement through Insuredmine.

Note: Disposition categories can only be created by an Admin. The manager, agent, or a CSR can select and implement it wherever necessary.

How to setup disposition criteria?

  1. Make sure you login as Admin
  2. Goto Contacts module from the left navigation, click on the Disposition icon on the top right corner.
  3. Enter the details and click save, in the Disposition popup that appears.

Editing a disposition field

To edit the disposition field name, follow the steps mentioned above to open the disposition pop up. Instead of clicking save, click on the Pen icon as shown above for the field that needs to be edited. Enter the new action name and click Update. (The save button changes to update while editing )

Deleting a disposition field
To delete a disposition field name, go to the disposition window as mentioned above and click on the bin icon for deleting the inappropriate action name. A confirmation window will appear asking, are you sure you want to delete this disposition? Click Yes, delete it! For deleting the entry.

Add disposition to Contacts

New Contacts

  1. Go to contacts module, click on add contact icon (+).
  2. In the contact information window, enter the required data. You will see a disposition field as you continue. Select the disposition category, click Continue button or Skip and submit button. Complete filling the entire information and click Submit if you clicked Continue earlier.

Existing Contacts

  1. Go to the Contacts module from the left navigation. 
  2. Click on the contact name, select Edit from the Actions dropdown.
  3. You will see a disposition field, select the disposition click Skip and submit button.

Adding disposition for multiple contacts

  1. Go to the Contacts module from the left navigation.
  2. Select the multiple contacts by clicking the checkbox for the relevant clients.
  3. Click on Add disposition icon as shown in the image below.
  4. Select disposition from the pop-up and Click Save.

Filter by Disposition in Contacts

  1. Go to contacts, click on the filter icon.
  2. Click on the Disposition option towards the left and select the categories you want to view in contacts on the right side of the Filter window. For example, you just want to view the contacts for the call required. Simply check the call required tab and don’t click on other categories listed in disposition.
  3. Click apply to see all contacts for disposition set as call required. 

Creating a list based on disposition.

  1. Go to the Engagement module, Click on create Lists segment
  2. Select the list source as all/ active client/ lead/ prospect/ others/ inactive client. Please note this filter is not available for xdates, CSV upload and pipelines.
  3. In the filter section, select disposition and click on the categories for creating a list of contacts for particular criteria. This feature helps to automatically message, start a drip campaign email, or connect with this list of clients easily.
1. Disposition is not a mandatory field in contacts.
2. While adding a new contact you can add the disposition by selecting the appropriate option under disposition, filling other fields and clicking Submit.
3. Make sure the table column for disposition is marked to view the disposition details of contacts.

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