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NowCerts Integration

You can now advantageously use Insuredmine with NowCerts for leveraging productivity and efficiency. This integration allows you to add and access, prospects and client data in both ways.

InsuredMine to NowCerts:

1) Add prospect in IM

  • Go to Contacts and click on + button on the top right corner

The prospect will be automatically synced to nowCerts and is visible in NowCerts

(Login to NowCerts and search the prospect name (1), it shows up in the result (2))

Data Points that will be integrated between Nowcerts & InsuredMine in contact section :

  1. Full Name
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Contact Status (Contact Type)
  5. Contact Number
  6. Email Address
  7. Phone
  8. Address, city, state, zip (for account or primary contact)
  9. Description (for account)
  10. Agency Office (primary contact one way sync – NC to IM)
  11. FEIN (for commercial account)
  12. SSN (for secondary contacts)
  13. DOB
  14. Gender (for secondary contacts)
  15. Type (for secondary contacts)

2) Add a policy to the prospect in IM

  • Go to Policies in IM and click on add Policy button at the top right corner, after filling required fields. Click on the Save and New button at the bottom right corner.
  • The policy will be automatically synced to NowCerts and is visible in NowCerts.(Login to NowCerts and search prospect name, the prospect will be shown as Active and Insured)
  • Click on Details, the added policy can be seen in the Policy section

Data Points that will be integrated between Nowcerts & InsuredMine in the policy section :

1. Category
2. Insurance Type
3. Carrier
4. Policy Number
5. Premium
6. Effective date
7. Expiry date

Note: There will be 2 way sync-up while adding Premium Amount and Total Policy both in Nowcerts & InsuredMine.

3) Update Prospect in IM

  • Click on the prospect name and edit the required fields then click on submit
  • Prospects details will be updated, automatically synced to NowCerts and will be visible in NowCerts.

{Please note: While adding Prospect in IM, email id was not added earlier. Here we will add email id to the same contact. (He is no more a prospect as we added policy)}

Adding email to the contact in IM

Updated email is now reflecting in NowCerts

4) Update Policy in IM

  • Go to Policies in IM and click on the policy that needs to be edited, after editing click on ✔️ mark.

Insurance Carrier was Fednat Insurance company, it is updated to Arch Insurance company.

  • The updated policy will be automatically synced to NowCerts and is visible in nowCerts.

Click on Details, the updated policy can be seen in the policy section)

NowCerts to InsuredMine:

1) Add Prospect/Insured in NowCerts:

  • Add prospect/Insured in NowCerts with required fields
  • Login into IM, and search prospect/Insured name. Prospect/Insured appears in the result.

Prospect shows up in IM

2) Add Policy in nowCerts:

  • Add policy in nowCerts with required fields.
  • Login to IM, search policy number. The resulting policy appears in the Policy Info section.

3) Update Prospect/Insured in NowCerts:

  • Update the prospect/Insured in NowCerts with required fields
  • Login into IM, and search prospect/Insured name. Prospect/Insured appears in the result.

The address was not added in NC while creating prospects, now address is updated in NC

The updated address reflects in IM.

4) Update Policy in NowCerts:

  • Update policy in NowCerts with required fields.

Login into IM, and search policy number. The policy appears in the result. Alternatively, you can also check it in Account 360.

Integration of Actions in Insuredmine Contacts with NowCerts activities

  1. Contacts sync: When a contact is added in the InsuredMine Contacts module, you can view it in NowCerts by typing the contact name in the Global Search, then navigating to Object > Details.

Insuredmine Add contact screen

The Daily AMS sync automatically adds contacts to you Insuredmine database from Nowcerts. Also, any other additional policy information added in the exiting contacts of Nowcerts is mapped and pushed into the corresponding records of Insuredmine. Refer the image below for AMS sync Button. (Highlighted in blue towards the top right)

2. 2-way sync of activities: When an activity is added through the Contacts module of Insuredmine, It is displayed under Activity History in the task segment. On the other hand, when an activity is added in NowCerts, you can view it by navigating to the Contacts>Contact 360> Events> Planned segment of Insuredmine.

3. 2-way sync of notes: When a note is added from Events under Contacts 360 module of Insuredmine, it is displayed in the Activity History >Notes of NowCerts. Flipping the sequence, when a note added in Nowcerts, you can view it in Insuredmine, on the Past section under the events segment of the Contacts 360 module.

4. 2-way Task sync: When a task is added from Contacts 360 in Insuredmine, you can view it in Nowcerts by clicking on Activity history and selecting the Task. Moreover, when the task is added in Nowcerts, you can view it in the Planned category of Events segment under Contacts 360 of Insuredmine.

5. SMS sync: When you send an Sms through Insuredmine, it is displayed in the Nowcerts as SMS under the Activity History segment.

6. Pipeline card sync: When a deal card is added in Insuredmine, it automatically populates General and other segments in prospects/ leads module of Nowcerts. In case you cannot find the deal card, a Global search of the same guides you to it.

When a Document is added in Nowcerts, it appears in InsuredMine’s Contacts module. The Contact 360 of the particular contact, displays the file under the Documents segment.

Activities for which there will be only 1 way sync-up from Nowcerts to InsuredMine :

  1. File
  2. Address Line 2

For File:

For Address:


5) 2-way sync of deleting contacts, policies, Events (Task, Notes, Files)

InsuredMine to Nowcerts

Deleting functionality not available from InsuredMine to Nowcerts

Nowcerts to InsuredMine

  • Deleting an Account is possible in InsuredMine if the account does not have any active dealcard.
  • If any particular insured contact or policy is deleted in NowCerts it will not get deleted from InsuredMine.
  • Deleting Events feature is not available

Enhancements!- June 2021

Ongoing issues in NowCerts and InsuredMine

To resolve the duplicate contact issues, we are implementing the merge contact feature soon. (So, if you find any duplicate contact, you can merge all those duplicate contacts.)

Enhancement! July 2021

Enhancement! August 2021

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