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Policy Sync with the AMS

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Note: This feature is applicable for AMS360 users and NowCerts users.


While adding a new policy you can sync the policy from InsuredMine to your AMS. There are three options to sync policies from InsuredMine to AMS. 

  • One is while adding a policy,

  •  Second is through the policy details section

  • Third one is from quotes in a deal card.

Note: To sync the Policy from InsuredMine to your AMS, the contact in which you will be syncing needs to be there in your AMS. 


How to understand that a policy is already synced with your AMS?

Once you get into the policy details you will find the AMS icon with a tick mark and if you hover your cursor over it you will get the popup saying Policy is synced with AMS.

In case the policy is not synced. You will get this icon and you need to click on it to sync data to AMS.

How to sync a policy while adding a policy?

  • Navigate to add a policy 

  • Click to add new policy

  • Fill in the details.

Note: The contact for which you will be creating needs to be synced prior.

  • Check the box beside AMS to sync the policy (This option is visible if selected contact is synced with AMS)

  • Click on save


You will get a notification saying: Policy added successfully. And Policy synced to AMS successfully.

If you navigate back to Active Policies and click on the policy that you recently created and synced. You will find the AMS icon on the top which indicates that the policy has been synced with your AMS.

In case the policy is not synced you will get the option to sync with AMS.nce you hover the cursor over the AMS icon you will get the option to sync with AMS.

How to sync a policy from the policy details section?

  • Navigate to Active policies

  • Select the policy that you want to sync

  • In the policy details page you will get the option on the top right to sync with AMS.

  • Click to sync data with AMS

How to sync a policy from a quote in a deal card?

  • Navigate to Pipelines

  • Click a deal card to add new policy

  • Click to add a new quote