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Release Notes- January 2022

15th January Release

  1. Contacts- Logs in Task
  2. Pipeline Manager- Benefits, Life, and Health Plan Option in Pipeline Manager 
  3. Pipeline Manager- Handle Deal Cards without Contacts
  4. Forms- New UI and New Sections in Form Settings
  5. Engagement- Share Templates and Template Folders with Read /Write Capabilities
  6. Settings- Folder Selection for work email
  7. Engagement- Email/Text campaign Analytics – User interface change
  8. Work Email- Delete Email from Work Email
  9. Notes- Pinned Notes in Contacts and Accounts
  10. Pipelines- Monthly & Yearly Goal setting for Agents and Carriers
  11. Settings- Restrict Edit/Delete Notes
  12. Tag- Form Tag Responses in Account 360 & Contact 360
  13. Pipelines- Goal Setting for Carriers
  14. Engagement- Create contact and/or Deal Card from an Email Campaign
  15. Pipeline Manager- Customize Daily Reports Timing
  16. Dashboard- Scheduled and Sent Automation (Pipeline, Workflow, SCD)-Marketing Dashboard Widget

22nd January Release

29th January Release

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