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Restrict Pipeline Access

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Presenting a clear and relevant view of the data to the agents helps them work efficiently. As an admin, you can restrict access to the agents and assign work modules related only to their line of business.

Use Case:
Suppose one of your agents manages P&C and another one manages Life & health. You can set two separate pipelines (1) P&C for the first agent and (2) Life & Health and limit the access for P&C guy to Life and Health and vice-versa. This way their access is limited and they can focus on their line of business.

How to restrict the Pipeline Access?

  1. Make sure you login as admin.
  2. In the pipelines, click on the pipeline icon to create a new pipeline as shown below:

3. Enter the details of the first three stages for creating a pipeline, selecting the pipeline category, and enabling the pipeline modules. The 4th stage is the Restrict Pipeline. In this segment, you can enable or disable pipeline access for the agents as shown below. Click save and continue. 

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