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Sort Deal cards within Stage

You can speed up information processing by viewing deal cards in the way you need them. Sales and marketing decisions require quick access to data. This additional functionality gives a definitive clear perspective. You can now sort dealcards on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Deal health (Hot, Warm or Cold)
  • Due dates (When the next action is due)
  • Expected Closing Date (When the deal will be closed)
  • Moved on (When the deal card was moved on to other stage)
  • Deal Values (How much potential revenue or premium is associated)
  • Deal Title (Alphabetical order)

Follow the steps mentioned below for sorting deal cards:

  1. Go to the Pipelines module.
  2. Click on the action dots (3 dots) in the deal card stage name as shown in the image below.
  3. Click on Sort by and select the relevant action.
    1. Deal Health
    2. Due Date
    3. Expected Closing Date
    4. Moved on
    5. Deal Value
    6. Deal Titles

If you move any deal card from one stage to another, the moved card will always show on top. If you sort the deal cards and refresh the page once the deal card is moved to another stage. The deal cards will be displayed based on the last moved date and time. 


For example: 

demo3 is the deal card from the quoting stage, and will be moved to the gathering info stage. Once you move the card and refresh the page, the demo3 card will be shown on the top of the gathering info stage.


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