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Subcategory filter in workflow automation – HawkSoft

Description-  Policy subcategories can be added under the workflow automation. Subcategories are populated from the Hawksoft agency. Subcategories are available in all the policy options, Like Policy renewal, new policy, mid-term policy review, etc. But It is not available in Xdates.

Use Case-  Automation communication to customers when a policy sub status changes. Example, policy cancellation, rewrite.

Process –

  • Navigate to the Engagement Module. Go to Automation.
  • Click on Create.

  •      Navigate to Policy Renewal and click on Customize.

  • Scroll down to see the Include Policy subcategory section.

Note – When Policy Subcategory is selected while creating a workflow. The workflow will run on the basis of a subcategory. Subcategories are present in Policy form.

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