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Automation: Task assigned to Agent

When you create a workflow as an Admin, manager or CSR, in the task mode selection, you can view an option for Assignee as Agent himself.

Use Case: Suppose 4 agents are working in your team. Consider John is the Manager, with Agents – Peir, Leny, Jerry, Ken, either John can assign Leny as assignee of all tasks or he can assign Peir, Leny, Jerry and Ken as assignees for their respective task in campaigns. You can set up a workflow with a specific agent assignee name or select Agent himself for each agent featuring as assignee for his respective task campaign.

To define Assignee as Agent himself , follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Navigate to Engagement> Automation
  2. Select a category you require to trigger automation for and begin the workflow creation process. Remember to select Task in Select a mode to send the workflow.
  3. In the editor click Task tab
  4. Select Agent Himself as Manager or Myself as an agent in the Assignee segment.

Make sure you login as Manager (Admin), manager or CSR.

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