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Workflow: Edit workflow for all agents

Managing the workflow process for your agents through our CRM portal has been made easy! Admin/manager will now be able to edit workflows for all agents at once instead of doing it individually.

Make sure you are switched as Admin/Manager before trying to edit the workflow.

To edit existing or workflows in draft, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click in Analytics button from the automation section.

2. Select the saved workflows and then select the agents names you want to update the workflow for.

3. Click on the edit button and then select the appropriate operation from the pop up box.

  • Start over workflow will remove the previous workflow
  • Edit from the old workflow will help edit the existing workflow. When you select this option, it will open a drop-down select the select a workflow as reference using which you can edit the other agent’s workflow.

After selecting the appropriate option, click on Start Edit to make changes in the workflow.

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